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業務說明 Our Organization


  1. 教師申請出席國際會議、投稿國際期刊補助作業
  2. 教師申請國際發明競賽展補助作業
  3. 國際合作與兩岸交流委員會作業
  4. 教育部學海飛颺-國際交換生選送作業
  5. 科技部有關國際文教業務
  6. 推動國際學校師生互訪、合作研究、企業輔導團隊等合作事項
  7. 與國際學校簽訂備忘錄合約作業

We aspire to transfer knowledge, in-depth research and academic excellence across the globe. Our key responsibility is to develop international relationships and partnerships.

Specific activities undertaken include:

  • Business development/liaison visits
  • Market insight/intelligence to support international partnerships
  • Exploration and maintenance of records of international relationships
  • Administer International Innovation and Invention Competition
  • Support for outward and inward visits
  • Held and assist International conference
  • Held International Student Exchange Program